Behind the Scenes of a Winning eLearning Course


Karlis Sprogis and the team behind created a fantastic responsive game for one of our Trivantis® Community contests. This course got such great response from viewers that it won the 2016 Lectora® User Conference Community Course Template Contest! And luckily for our readers, Karlis agreed to sit down for a Q&A about the development process.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.18.57 PM

Here’s how the initial planning stages went down:How many people worked on the course?Mainly 2, but 4 more were involved in feedback and QA sessions.Did each person have a specific role?Yes. Artis is our Lectora-specific developer, so he made it all come to life, Līga is our designer, Karlis managed the work process, and 3 more people gave their feedback.How did you choose which programs to use?Our development team wanted to create something responsive in the new Lectora version.What was your initial objective?Make something awesome!Did you create a storyboard?Yes.

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Karlis also talked about the graphic design decisions the team made during development.The course graphics are “executed in flat design style that is very appealing and looks clean and modern although it is quite common now,” said Karlis. Since this was an internal project, created just for the Community contest, they allowed themselves to follow the trend. However, the designer made sure to follow certain design rules: “good typefaces, readability and legibility comes first, have purposeful hierarchy of text, use a suitable color palette, respect the white space, use the right composition and keep in mind time, cost and quality relations.”Where do you get your inspiration?Our designer likes to swipe thru different design websites and blogs, read books on graphic design, so inspiration and examples of good design surround her all the time.

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Of course, we discussed the technical stuff with Karlis too. What software did you use other than Lectora?Adobe Illustrator for designing.What’s your favorite piece of functionality you used in Lectora?Action grouping is a very nice feature. You can activate multiple actions by one click, create groups of actions, copy and re-organize them easily.If you could go back and do something differently what would it be?We would pay more attention to details in creating design, drawing.

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The course clearly turned out great! Thank you, Karlis for sharing your behind the scenes development process with us. Check out his course on the Trivantis Community and don’t forget to register.