How to Avoid Instructional Design Mistakes That Kill Engagement


Today, we’re sharing an excerpt from our most recent eBook, 5 eLearning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. This free eBook is adapted from original content by Joe Ganci of eLearningJoe.Here’s one way from the eBook that Joe recommends to avoid instructional design mistakes—especially those mistakes that kill learner engagement.Be Efficient With Rapid PrototypingThe Rapid Prototyping approach is part of the ADDIE process because you’re designing and developing, but you’re doing it rapidly. With Rapid Prototyping, you’re creating a prototype, refining it, reviewing it—then you go back and prototype again and refine and review. You might do that three or four times. And finally, it’s perfect.Here’s why this approach is helpful. If you’re trying to develop a new kind of interaction for your learners to use in a course, and you want it to look, act, and be tested a certain way, you could create a quick draft of the interaction, let your stakeholders evaluate what they think of it, refine it further, go through another review, and so on. This “quick draft” should be really quick and dirty and take under an hour if possible. It could be as simple as drawing it on paper. This way, if the stakeholders hate it, you won't find yourself getting defensive because of all the time you put into developing that first draft. You won't mind tossing it because you spent only an hour on it.You’ll do this two or three times until everyone’s happy—then you go ahead and make sure that it’s fully created. This is much more efficient than spending extra time fixing something that you used 50 times in the course after finding out that your stakeholders didn’t like it.


Rapid Prototyping

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