How Auto-Owners Insurance Made Insurance Training Interactive and Efficient With Lectora


On the Trivantis® blog today, we’re featuring a case study excerpt on Auto-Owners Insurance. Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Andy Lockwood—a Training Coordinator and the Instructional Developer for the Claims Education and Training department—about how he used Lectora® to take training that once took 3 full days to complete and streamline it to only 60 minutes seat time.


An engaging activity Andy created in Lectora for the Effective Business Writing course at Auto-Owners Insurance

Want to find out how Andy successfully created this and additional interactive exercises in Lectora? Let’s take a look at the case study:ChallengeOne crucial part of associate training at Auto-Owners Insurance is the Effective Business Writing course. This training teaches a company standardized writing voice, which is used when an associate is approaching customers or during intercompany communications. Associates at Auto-Owners Insurance need to ensure that their words won’t be misinterpreted—because that could cause legal repercussions.Part of Auto-Owners Insurance’s mission is to be a customer-focused insurance company. Andy said, “It’s not just a job. You’re actually doing this with people in mind.” That’s why the company manages their standardized writing voice with appropriate training to avoid any misinterpretations and regulatory issues.This Effective Business Writing training was a originally a 3-day-long face-to-face session only taught in the Michigan home office, but employees who weren’t in the Michigan office couldn’t get this training without traveling. Traveling increased the training cost per person and wasted a lot of valuable work time.Therefore, Auto-Owners Insurance wanted to convert their in-person training (including tests and PowerPoint presentations) to eLearning—especially the business writing course.


Another interactive example from the successful Effective Business Writing Course

To find out how Andy used Lectora to create engaging, trackable training activities like the examples in this article, read the full Auto-Owners Insurance case study.