April Showers Brings May eLearning Super Powers


Spring is in the air, and so are time-saving new enhancements to Lectora Inspire and Publisher. Lectora recently released version 18.1, and with it comes three new features designed to speed up your development and deliver even more engaging and accessible training.

Style Painter

Use the Style Painter to copy the style formatting of images, text blocks, buttons, characters, and shapes and quickly apply to other objects. Save serious time and mouse clicks by applying all style properties at one time from object to object - fill color, outline, shadowing, margins, and more.

You can find the Style Painter icon on the Home Ribbon in the Clipboard panel. Single-click the Style Painter icon to apply Style formatting to a single object, or double-click the Style Painter to apply formatting to multiple objects at the same time. Once complete, you can use the Escape key to resume normal editing.

Text to Speech

You can convert text to human-like speech and add the resulting mp3 audio object to your title. Select from dozens of male and female voices that can produce native sounds for languages such as English (US, British, Indian, Australian), Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. You can use plain text to compose the intended text or format the audio using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), which enables Lectora authors to include pauses, word emphasis, phonetic pronunciation and more.

Accessibility Enhancements -

Screen Readers Will Recognize Initially Hidden Text

To accommodate learners using a screen reader with accessible titles, initially hidden text blocks are announced by the screen reader when shown through an action. By enabling Lectora authors to include interactions like “click to reveal”, or show question feedback on the page rather than through a pop-up window, accessible courses will be more engaging.

Alternately, you can also choose to disable screen readers from announcing text blocks within accessible titles by enabling the “Hide from Screen Reader” text block property. You may want to use this property for legacy courses that don’t take advantage of the new feature.

Upgrade to Lectora 18.1

So how do you get access to Lectora 18.1? You can click here to download it or you can email sales@trivantis.com if your license needs an update. Believe us - it's worth it! From accessibility to style, Lectora 18.1 has you covered.

To see these latest upgrades in Lectora 18, check out the release notes.

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