Announcing Lectora Online 3 with Responsive Course Design


We’re pleased to announce that Lectora® Online 3 with Responsive Course Design™ (RCD) is now available. In addition to the benefits of collaborative, cloud-based authoring, you can now enjoy the timesaving features of RCD.

Our unique RCD methodology allows you to design once, in the desktop layout. Content will be automatically sized and positioned on other views—phone portrait and landscape and tablet portrait and landscape. Each layout can then be tailored as necessary to accommodate the unique needs of that orientation and view, and changes in each look will be propagated using Lectora’s inheritance model. It’s a multi-device world we live in, and Trivantis® is proud to bring you the tools you need to produce eLearning content for all of them.

Beta testers have praised RCD and the benefits it provides those creating mobile training. “Trivantis once again has delivered a high caliber product that offers all the robust capabilities of Lectora desktop, now in a mobile centric format that is easy to use and makes responsive mobile for multiple devices much, much, easier for developers,” said Jason Guest, IBM Learning Sales Manager.

Read the Responsive Course Design whitepaper to learn more about how it works.

In addition to the RCD option, Lectora Online 3 contains other great features, including:

  • Automated Status Tracking:
  • Status Indicator objects
  • Use Status as an action condition
  • Set Completion Status action
  • New Menu Creator
  • One-click Table-of-Contents based menu
  • Live menu preview
  • Enhanced Progress Bar Functionality
  • Easily link a Custom progress bar to a variable
  • Step a progress bar forward or backwards
  • Publish to ReviewLink™

Already using Lectora Online? Sit back and relax. All these great new features will be waiting for you the next time you log in.

Want to try before you buy? We offer free 30-day trials! Sign up and get started right away. You can upgrade your free trial to a full license at any time. Lectora Online starts at just $159/month.

Lectora desktop user? Don’t worry—RCD is coming to desktop next. Stay tuned for more information.